Will MoneyConf be the World’s Best Fintech Conference?

We’re heading to Belfast tomorrow to take part in MoneyConf – two days of exploration around the rising culture of alternative tech finance. Haven’t heard of MoneyConf? It it’s anything like its godfather conference Web Summit then you will soon. Web Summit, which wowed us last year in Dublin, grew from 400 to 20,000 attendees in just four years. Its secret is a scientific approach to growth – and a genuine ambition to create excellent, useful conferences worth travelling to.

As banks continue to lose face and face crises, the rise of alternative, digital, systems seems inevitable. What’s interesting is that many of these alternative currencies affectively democratise banking and divert power from the corporations back to the individuals. Could we be heading towards a collaborative consumption model of spending and saving?

MoneyConf pulls together some of the biggest names in cryptocurrency, including big guns from Bitcoin and Blockchain, to explore how tech is changing finance. Themes of shifting to mobile models, and the role of Big Data in alternative finance, dominate day 1, and on day 2 discussions expand on issues of security, ubiquity and social change.

Day 1 highlights

  • RIP Banking:How Technology and New Regulation Are Disrupting the Capital Markets, by Sang Lee of Dark Matter
  • Humanity in Trading, a panel with Howard Lindzon of Stocktwits, Barry Schneider of LOYAL3, Yoni Assia of eToro, and Simon Cocking from Irish Tech News
  • Millennials and the Generation Unbanked, by Charles Moldow from Foundation Capital
  • Community night, featuring inspiring talks and discussions around success

Day 2 highlights

  • Bitcoin in the Mainstream with big names Stephen Pair from BitPay, John McDonnell from Bitnet, Nicholas Cary of Blockchain and Toby Coppel from Mosaic Ventures
  • Regulating Digital Currency, with John Collins of Coinbase, Patrick Murck from Bitcoin Foundation, Jonathan Levin of Chainalysis, Jeremy Bonney of CoinDesk and Tom Robinson from Elliptic
  • Collaborative Economy: a Learning Curve, with Alex Stephany from JustPark, Barry Dowling from TransferMate Global Payments, Chen Amit of Tipalti and Simon Cocking from Irish Tech News
  • Social Payments: Trend or Fad, with Jay Reinemann of BBVA, Darren Foulds of Barclays Bank, Ben Milne from Dwolla and Kim Hjelmgaard from USA Today

Future Hot Tap Highlights

We took part in Design in Action’s Crypto-currencies Chiasma earlier this year and have since been working on some interesting stuff around alternative currencies which we will be able to tell you about soon. In the meantime, stay tuned to find out more about what we find out about at MoneyConf. And watch out for it becoming one of the must-go-to tech events on the planet some time soon.