We’re Working on The Into Film Festival

into film festival logo and image
We’ve always been a big fan of Into Film – a very cool organisation that combines two of our favourite things – film, and inspiring young people. So naturally we’re pretty delighted to be working on their upcoming film festival – the Into Film Festival.

Into Film Festival 2016 – the biggest youth film film festival in the world! – launches on November 9th, offering young people the chance to take part in free screenings and workshops. The Festival immerses young people in the world of film watching and making, often for the first time, and offers rich educational resources to accompany the films. For the first time, young people will also be offered cinema vouchers to allow them to return to see a film of their choice.

The Into Film Festival will enable 450,000 young people aged 5-19, from all backgrounds and corners of the UK, to learn through and about film, interact with filmmakers and explore filmmaking. Part of an ongoing initiative to use film as an educational tool, the Festival also encourages young people, including many who may never otherwise visit the cinema, to develop an interest in cinema, creating the informed film audiences of tomorrow.

Looking back at the Into Film Festival 2015 from Into Film on Vimeo.

The Festival’s programme will address issues such as ‘Diversity’, ‘Wellbeing’ and ‘Anti-bullying’, which are key topics within the UK’s National Curriculums. A spectrum of films, encompassing foreign language, adaptations of novels and plays, documentaries and blockbusters, will be on offer to broaden young people’s horizons and spark discussion about a broad range of issues. Many of the films included are accompanied by bespoke teaching resources to bringing them to life, sparking discussion about the themes within them, promoting traditional and visual literacy and encouraging critical thinking.

This year the Festival also partners with Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival, which seeks to explore and de-stigmatise mental health issues through film and the arts, as well as with our old friends Scottish Youth Film Festival, which also launches in November.

We are working in a freelance PR capacity to promote the festival in Scotland. There are some fantastic events happening in Scotland, including screenings in Fife’s Secret Bunker – an actual bunker which was built to help safeguard Scotland during the Cold War in the event of a nuclear attack, and which remains intact with bunks, radio equipment and radar listening equipment.

The festival aims to foster a love of cinema, and 100,000 young people participating in events will take home a free cinema voucher that allows them to return and see a film of their choice. Vouchers for Vue, Showcase, Picturehouse and Odeon cinemas will be handed to young people at the events, allowing them to continue to enjoy the cinema experience after the Festival.
Schools and educators can book free tickets to screenings here.