We Are Northern Lights to tour Cineworld across Scotland

After a world premiere at Glasgow Film Festival back in February, a slot at Tartan Week in New York, and a successful regional tour across Scotland, We Are Northern Lights will be screening in Cineworld cinemas across the country – making it the first Scottish documentary to receive a theatrical release from a commercial cinema chain!

The film is the culmination of a process led by Creative Director, Nick Higgins, that began during the Year of Creative Scotland. We Are Northern Lights asked the people of Scotland to capture their unique perspectives of Scotland on film and submit them for selection. Contributors were asked 3 questions.

-What do you see?

-What do you wish you had seen?

-What would you like to see?

We worked with the team to set the digital strategy, support the social media managers and make sure the website was optimised for social interactivity, and also gave workshop leaders a mini masterclass on how to use social media to promote their workshops. The project received over 15,000 submissions with over 300 hours of footage from a wide range of participants, from experienced film makers to people who just picked up their phone and wanted to share their experiences about Scotland. The submissions were finally whittled down to 121 co-directors whose footage and stories made the final cut.

From Friday May 3rd, We Are Northern Lights will be released by Cineworld across all their Scottish cinemas, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Dundee and Falkirk. It’s a fantastic achievement that a Scottish documentary is getting a commercial cinema release, and paves the way for more Scottish independent films to get wider releases and reach a whole new audience.

Nick Higgins, Creative Director of the film said:

“I’m delighted that We Are Northern Lights is the first ever Scottish documentary to be released by the Cineworld chain. In comparison to the films they usually show we are a micro-budget independent, but what we offer is a unique viewing experience. As with the very origins of filmmaking, the film allows us to watch ourselves up on the big screen and that is a hugely moving, very funny and enormously enjoyable experience. It has something for everyone, so I hope people will bring their gran and the kids and take pleasure in watching what is in many ways a national home movie.”

We Are Northern Lights arrives in cinemas at a time when Scotland stands poised to take the most momentous decision in its history. Just at the moment the country is asking “who are we?” the film seeks to answer that question by letting the Scots speak for themselves. This ground-breaking release by Cineworld gives even more Scots the chance to rediscover their home through eyes of those who live here.

We Are Northern Lights hits cinema just in time for the bank holiday weekend. You can buy tickets for selected cinemas in Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Falkirk directly from the Cineworld website.