Testers Wanted for Squidz App Focus Group

Squidz is a social media rewards app


Testers wanted – Squidz offered in return!

We are conducting a focus group for our new app Squidz which is currently in the development stages and we are looking for young people and students between the ages of 16-25 to participate.

Squidz is a reward based app that enables companies to reward their fans in return for social media reach as an alternative method to social media advertising. It is developed by Hot Tap Media with the support of Design in Action.

The aim of the focus group is to allow potential users to download and test out the app, ask questions and give feedback. Your feedback will enable us to make changes and improvements to the app.

Participating Brands

  • La La Land– a Glasgow based online retailer selling a variety of quirky products from stationery to clothing.
  • somewhereto_ a UK based charity which offers young people access to free space to pursue creative and entrepreneurial activities.
  • The Isle of Skye Brewing company– Craft beer, authentically brewed in Skye
  • Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT)- An independent cinema in the heart of Glasgow

Users will use the Squidz app to tweet about participating brands directly from the app. The app measures the amount of social reach created by the activity, as well as whether the tweets are positive or negative. The more you tweet, and the more that your tweets get retweeted and liked, the most Squidz you will earn.

Users can then redeem their Squidz for rewards. For example, you can get a free cinema ticket for 8 Squidz.

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The focus group will be held on Wednesday 17th February at 6pm and will last one hour. Participants must have a Twitter account and an iPhone which they must bring with them in order to download and use the app.

Participants of the focus group will receive 5 free Squidz which they can use to redeem rewards!

To register to take part please email info@hottapmedia.com.