15th Jan ShortCUTS Film Screening

We first ran ShortCUTS as a somewhereto_ project in 2012, creating six short films that impressed the crowds at a packed screening at Chambers East in Dundee. This year, ShortCUTS volunteer Claire Dufour took the reins and produced ShortCUTS through her own events company, By Ricochet, and has been working with groups of young people in the Coldside, Lochee and Maryfield areas who would not ordinarily have the chance to participate in filmmaking. We supported the project finding spaces for filming, and offering the young people digital Learning Badges for their CVs from somewhereto_.

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17th Sep Freeze Frame Take Two

The second workshop took place this evening (against all odds!) and the ideas for events were pouring out. We have a lot of really different ideas, it’s truly amazing how many possibilities can come out of one brief! The groups have decided to take more time to decide what films to show and where. It allows a more economical look at the event as they will be able to research the costs of film licenses and work out whether the venues suggested are usable.

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