Squidz – The Friendly Rewards App

A revolution in social media marketing

SQUIDZ changes digital marketing forever, giving brands the power to cut out the middleman and reward their fans directly. 

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Promoting Your Brand Through Squidz

Squidz is a rewards system for high quality social media interactions, designed to enable brands to achieve a more direct relationship with fans, and encourage high quality interactions on social media. In the initial prototype stage, brands will release goods and services, such as store vouchers and gift cards, on the Squidz web platform. Fans will then register to access these rewards via the Squidz mobile app, and can start earning Squidz by tweeting about the participating brand.

We have designed an innovative algorithm that measures reach, level of interactivity, and sentiment to reward the most powerful social media interactions. By ensuring that only the most authentic, positive interactions around your brand earn Squidz, we’re able to optimise the effectiveness of your digital marketing spend.

Who’s Involved?

Your brand will be in good company at Squidz. Our prototype is now live with 4 brands:
Glasgow Film Theatre
Isle of Skye Brewing Company
La La Land
Squidz prototype brands

Is Squidz exactly what your brand needs? Get in touch.

Earning Squidz to Get Free Stuff

Download the app for free from the App Store to start earning Squidz. Simply browse the challenges, tweet directly from the app adding your own message and images, and then see how many Squidz you earn! You can redeem your Squidz for cool rewards like beer vouchers and free cinema tickets.

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