Sponsor a Sapling

Kilfinan Community Forest’s ‘Sponsor a Sapling’ campaign has now launched!

You can help KCFC repopulate the damaged areas of their forest by donating £20 to ‘Sponsor a Sapling’. A £20 donation buys one sapling at 5 seeds which will all be planted in the Forest and you’ll receive a certificate with the details of your tree which you can visit any time.

KCFC hope to raise £5,500 to cover the costs of the job, which include buying 500 saplings and deer-fencing the area. Find out more about the Forest and their project on their website.

The trees will make a great impact on visitor footfall in the forest and will enrich the learning experience of the local primary school, who currently use the forest to learn about nature and the environment.

This is the only way they can replace the trees lost by harsh weather.  Director, Rob Borruso,  says: ‘With the pressures from deer and invasive species such as rhododendron and knotweed, a ‘natural’ forest will not regenerate if it is left alone. By giving the native trees a head start in our new nursery we should avoid the need for more aggressive interventions in the future such as deer culling or rhododendron burning, as the majority of the saplings will grow strong to take care of themselves when they are transplanted out into the forest.’

Help the environment, contribute to a community forest and feel good about yourself by sponsoring a sapling!