somewhereto_ Hub Now Open in Edinburgh

We’re excited to announce that the new somewhereto_ hub on Castle Terrace in Edinburgh is now open! If you’re 16-25 years old and looking for a space to do what you love in Edinburgh, then check out this amazing new space. The space¬†was listed on the somewhereto_ website earlier this week and has already been booked up by Edinburgh theatre groups Creative Electric and Tortoise In A Nutshell for theatre rehearsals, and a group of artists are gearing up for launch of their interactive arts event ‘JobCentreSuperPlus’ taking place there on the 22nd of March.

Job Centre Plus

The somewhereto_ hub is in an empty office block which used to house public offices like the Job Centre and Companies House. We’re given access to the space by much-loved Edinburgh arts charity The Forest, who are also sharing space for artists to use as studios and workshop space. It’s a fantastic, quirky building with a wide range of diverse spaces including a large foyer (perfect for one off events or performances), a rehearsal room, the ‘Photomatrix room‘, which is ideal for a small film club, and a huge gallery space. It’s ideal for anything from film clubs to art shows, performances, rehearsals and whatever else you can think of.

Artists and Volunteers Wanted!

The hub is already shaping up to be a key creative space for somewhereto_ in Edinburgh and we can’t wait to see what else it’s used for in the coming months! If you’re 16-25 and need a space to do something within the arts, then get in touch to discuss whether the space might be right for you (we can help find you somewhere else if not!).

We’re also looking for volunteers aged between 16-25 to help us run the space. If you’d like to get more involved, and are ready to take on a position of responsibility helping others access space, and helping shape and run the hub, get in touch.

To arrange a visit to the hub or to find out more about volunteering, contact