Social Screen & the Not Another Happy Ending Premiere

The cast and crew introduce the film to a packed audience

After a whirlwind of world and UK premiere, the Edinburgh International Film Festival drew to a close yesterday with the world premiere of Not Another Happy Ending – a film that we at Hot Tap worked on for well over a year. We were out in force on the red carpet, and it was a fantastic experience to see the film screened to a packed audience, and introduced by the delighted Producer, Director and cast.

Hot Tap Media the Not ANother Happy Ending premiere

Hot Tap Media rocking the red carpet

But what happens to the films once the festival box office closes? For some film-makers, the premiere is followed by months, and possibly years, of trying to secure a theatrical release. If the film doesn’t sell, the festival screening may be the only time their film gets to be screened to an audience. But now we’ve launched a new service to help film and TV producers create an online audience of fans, and help with digital distribution for their films.

By signing up to Hot Tap Media’s ‘Social Screen’ service, film-makers can access help with managing their social network profiles on Twitter, facebook and Pinterest, and get their own dedicated blog and website. The service will even help raise funding for the film through a crowd-funding campaign, run competitions and campaigns to create a buzz around the film, and can support its eventual online distribution by adding a download widget, e-commerce facility for DVDs, or help with distribution through a third party like Amazon or Filmbuff.

Bonnie Bling's 'Aye' cuffs

Black tie - Glasgow style - thanks to Bonnie Bling

Hot Tap Media launched under two years ago, and is based in Digital Enterprise Glasgow’s business incubator hub at The Hub in Pacific Quay. We created digital strategy for We Are Northern Lights, the crowd-sourced doc that became the first Scottish feature-length documentary to get a mainstream cinema release, and managed the social media and crowd-funding campaign for Not Another Happy Ending, starring Karen Gillan, which has been selected as the closing film of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Film distribution has changed enormously over the past few years, and film-makers are having to adapt. Big advances are hard to come by, but now film-makers can run their own crowd-funding campaigns, and create their own online audience, relatively cheaply. Social media and online distribution really puts film-makers in control of their own film, and means that they can ensure that it reaches that really niche audience who will love it.”

With a crowd of engaged fans, and a place for them to access the film, independent feature films can now have a much longer life – even after the festival. If you have a film or TV project coming up, contact us to discuss how we can help.