Social Screen Is Now ‘A Thing’

We’ve been working in digital audience development, crowdfunding and distribution for film for years now, with a strand of Hot Tap called ‘Social Screen‘. During that time, we’ve come to feel the pain of indie film producers as we help them carve out their profile and grow their audience on social media, Indiegogo, WordPress and distribution platforms. We do our best for our film-making pals, but have found that a key platform that could really help indie film producers doesn’t exist. So we decided to make it ourselves.

social screen

From now on, Social Screen is a big grown-up thriving entity of its own, and it’s already making waves. It’s currently on the Starter for 6 programme, and has just won a prestigious Scottish EDGE Wildcard award! Please pay it a visit over on its new temporary website.

Social Screen will be a functionality-rich but cost-effective solution that allows feature film-makers to manage, fund and distribute their film themselves online. Film-makers will be able to create their own film site within Social Screen, which will sit within the overall Social Screen website as a sub-site with its own unique URL, and evolve with the journey of the film.

Functionality for Producers

  • Tools to build your audience online through engaging content, polls and blogs
  • Your own equity and reward crowdfunding campaign embedded into your website
  • A high quality stream and download player for your film, allowing you to set your own VOD price
  • An network of organic growth for your audience, including an in-site currency that rewards your superfans

Fan-tastic! (sorry)

Fans will be able to interact with and help crowd fund and crowdsource their favourite directors’ and actors’ films. We’ll be launching a uniquely social and useable interface to make finding and sharing your new favourite films a synch.

Hot Tap Forever

Hot Tap Media will still continue to work closely with film producers and community projects on their social media and marketing, and has some very interesting projects in the pipeline including more crowdfunding for communities in the Highlands and Islands, a new start for somewhereto_ in Argyle House, and two very exciting projects to be announced soon.

The Indie Film Revolution Will Be Publicised

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Thank you for all your support for our work with independent film over these past three years. This new venture is an incredibly exciting one for us and we hope you’ll stay involved.