ShortCUTS Film Screening

This year’s ShortCUTS project wraps up on 24th January with a screening of eight short films created by young people in Dundee.

We first ran ShortCUTS as a somewhereto_ project in 2012, creating six short films that impressed the crowds at a packed screening at Chambers East in Dundee. This year, ShortCUTS volunteer Claire Dufour took the reins and produced ShortCUTS through her own events company, By Ricochet, and has been working with groups of young people in the Coldside, Lochee and Maryfield areas who would not ordinarily have the chance to participate in filmmaking. We supported the project finding spaces for filming, and offering the young people digital Learning Badges for their CVs from somewhereto_.

The final eight films are a mixed bag of fiction and doc, and give a unique young, local perspective. They will be screened for the first time on Saturday 24th Jan at 2.30pm at the Wellgate Steps Theatre. Tickets are free but ticketed so grabs yours now. See you there!

A chilling Cinderella moment at the Ice rink in 'Bitch In Hell'

A chilling Cinderella moment at the ice rink in ‘Bitch In Hell’

List of Films to be Screened

  • Jay (Fiction) The story of a young, jobless gang member who is faced with a moral dilemma when he tries to find money for his son’s christmas.
  • Bitch In Hell (Fiction) A modern day retelling of the Cinderella story, with lots of attitude.
  • Life isn’t an easy ride (Documentary) A young woman recalls her experience of being homeless.
  • In Care (Documentary) A film looking at how a young person is made to feel while being in care.
  • Through Thick And Thin (Fiction) An old man wanders between moments of reality and souvenirs.
  • Alienation (Fiction) A young man who finds out that he has a child on the way sees his circle of friends turn their back on him.
  • Our community space (Documentary) An encounter with a lively community space and its  people.
  • Friary film Challenge (Documentary) Young people talk about what place faith has in their modern life.

The films contain some swearing and some mature themes and are suitable for audiences aged 12+. No persons under 12 will be admitted without a parent or guardian present. Tickets are free but limited, and should be booked online.

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