Wigilia Film Release

Duglas T. Stewart from BMX Bandits in Wigilia

We created a private and public cinematic, as well as online release, of the feature film Wigilia.

Wigilia explores Polish and Scottish traditions as part of an uplifting romantic indie drama. Created on a micro budget through a Dogme-style set of limitations, the film stars Iwona Glowinska, from the band Featherwest, and co-stars Duglas T. Stewart, founder of BMX Bandits – Glasgow musical icons and Kurt Cobain’s other favourite band.

Iwona Glowinska plays Agata, a Polish cleaner stranded in Glasgow for Christmas who prepares her traditional Christmas eve meal – Wigilia – in a client’s house. Duglas T Stewart plays the client’s prodigal brother, and the unexpected pilgrim that arrives at her table, and the film features an original song written and sung by Duglas, with music by Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub. Just try getting it out of your head once you’ve heard it. Here’s a wee snippet.

The film is the first feature from Director Graham Drysdale, whose short films have scooped awards on the American festival circuit. Grant McPhee, Producer of Big Gold Dream and Teenage Superstars, Steven Moore, who has worked on The Angels Share and TV Series Outlander, also produces. It was supported by Scottish microbudget project Tartan Features. See the trailer below.

Distribution Strategy

We ran a cast and crew screening at GMAC in Glasgow, followed immediately by a public screening in the same venue, with a Q&A with Graham, Duglas and Iwona. We also held a free afterparty at MONO, featuring a cappella Christmas carol singing led by Iwona, and a music set by Duglas and members of BMX Bandits. It was a suitably celebratory event, with free Tunnocks tea cakes all round. Watch the film to find out why!

Images from and promoting the Wigilia film release

Following the cinematic screening and party, we launched the film on its Social Screen website. The film had a limited time free stream, before changing to pay per view. This created a sense of exclusivity and reward for the early adopters, which helped create buzz for the film.

Promotional Campaign

We delivered an integrated promotional campaign for the film including:

  • Social media campaign on Facebook and Twitter, focusing on reaching the existing audiences of the film’s leads, and reaching out to targeted audiences
  • A PR campaign across print, radio and TV
  • A website on Social Screen
  • Paid Facebook post promotion and Google ads
  • Email marketing

With 150 streams, the event sold out within days, valuable influencer marketing online, and some excellent press coverage in Artmag and other titles, the DIY micro launch went pretty well.

Wigilia is now available to stream online. It’s well worth a watch.

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