We Are Northern Lights

Scotland’s first crowd-sourced feature film

We Are Northern Lights is a feature-length documentary film about, and by, the people of Scotland. Over three months in 2012, the team set out to encourage people across Scotland to submit their footage of what they see around them, and their thoughts about the past and future of Scotland.

We worked with the We Are Northern Lights in the early stage of the project, setting the social media strategy, advising on the website user experience and prize strategy, and supporting all elements of the project from a digital perspective.

Our task was to establish a strategy that would get as many people as possible, and as diverse a mix of people as possible, to submit their footage. It was important that the film was made up of a range of voices, so we worked with the events team to encourage communities to run their own workshops to get people shooting footage, and we trained workshop leaders in how to make the most of their events through social media, to encourage others to follow suit.

By the end of the submissions stage, We Are Northern Lights had received over 1500 entries. That’s a lot of footage! Content by 121 ‘co-producers’ was edited into the final feature film, which became the first Scottish feature documentary to gain mainstream cinema release. The film was nominated for a Bafta Audience Award in 2013. It received rave reviews in the press and online, and standing ovations in the theatres, and is still screening around Scotland within communities.

Unmissable! The very essence of Scotland