Not Another Happy Ending

Sometimes love needs a rewrite

Described by Producer Claire Mundell as “Unashamedly upbeat, romantic and funny”, Not Another Happy Ending stars Karen Gillan as a blocked novelist who can only write when she’s miserable, and Stanley Weber as the publisher who sets about trying to get her writing again.

Hot Tap Media has worked with Synchronicity Films on Not Another Happy Ending from pre-production, generating over 12 million page impressions and over 20,000 unique users on their Twitter and Facebook profiles, running online competitions and contests, helping establish their website and blog, and raising over $22,000 for the film through a busy and popular IndieGoGo campaign. The film established a solid and loyal community of fans who continue to support it to this day.

Not Another Happy Ending premiered as the closing film of the Edinburgh International Film Festival on 30th June 2013, to huge cheers from the crowd, and even bigger cheers – and many, many tweets – from us. It went on to screen in cinemas across the UK and Ireland, and is now available on DVD and now as a novel, which was an interesting happy ending we didn’t expect!