Popup Youth Film with Glasgow Youth Arts Festival

Hot Tap Media and somewhereto_ are providing free workshops on programming pop-up film events at Glasgow Youth Arts Festival!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to run a cinema? Or how you can watch films in a new and innovative way?

You could create a unique cinema experience that pops up at Glasgow Youth Arts Hub’s Festival. Transforming the way we enjoy cinema, 10 young people will break the convention of darkness, silence and popcorn. At Pop-up Youth Cinema the film, food and setting are all pulled together by a theme, with some fun activities for the audience to take part in too.

The film experience will be developed by 10 young people over 3 workshops. their event will take place on Sunday 19th April at 11am at the Glasgow Youth Arts Festival.


In workshop one the team will discuss film ideas and what themes they would like to plan. They will pick a film and theme and book the all important film license. Each group member will take up a task for the next workshop, including sourcing props, backgrounds, food, and materials for an activity for the audience to take part in.


In workshop 2 the team will bring forward their findings, deciding how to split the budget, what props, set pieces, catering and activity materials they want to buy. They will also work on a flyer for their screening and think about how to market it to the right audience.

A screening of Shaun of the dead in a more casual location - a pub!

The Shaun of the Dead audience dressed as zombies and heros.

The Shaun of the Dead audience dressed as zombies and heros.

In the last workshop the team will have bought everything they need for their event, and will bring together a schedule. They will plan their time in the space and think about how they will lay everything out. All the final details will be in place for the event on Sunday 19th, and the team just need to get the word out!

On Sunday 19th April, you could be watching a jungle adventure, surrounded by plants and animals, eating gummy snakes, and learning how to make a spear. Or you could be singing for a top prize, watching a sing-a-long classic in a studio. Anything can happen!

The film shown will be certificate U or PG. The exact film being shown will be published on 7th April 2015.

Young people wishing to take part must be aged 16-25.

Workshops are taking place on the 7th, 13th & 16th April from 12pm – 3pm at Kelvin College West End Campus.

To apply to take part contact ashley@hottapmedia.com