New Kit Alert! DJI Phantom 2 Drone and Go-pro Hero 3

We’re pretty excited at Hot Tap HQ as we’ve just invested in a fantastic new DJI Phantom 2 aerial drone and Go-pro Hero 3 video camera to capture aerial footage for our clients, particular the community crowdfunding projects.

We’ve been out having fun with them across Scotland, and we thought we would share a glimpse of the kit whilst the projects launch. Check out the video below where Ashley and Raymond take the drone and camera to the Barrowlands walkway in Glasgow to test how to handle it and smooth out any kinks.

We were pretty impressed with the steadiness and range of the DJI Phantom 2. A tip for anyone buying their own, when we assembled the gimbal – the devise that attached the camera to the drone and allows you to control the camera movement from the ground – we put it on back to front, hence why you can see the legs of the drone. The instructions don’t inform you that once it’s on you cannot turn it round without breaking off the clips and attaching new ones. We were able to turn it round before we filmed our projects but we didn’t know until after we filmed this.

Overall our verdict is that the drone is well worth the money for being able to add a variety of vantages to our video content. Get in touch if you want us to film your event or promo – any excuse to get out and play with the new gadgets again!