Launching an IndieGoGo Crowdfunding Campaign

Karen Gillan

Karen Gillan plays Jane Lockhart, a writer struggling to complete her second novel

Hot Tap is working with Synchronicity Films as its PMD, and tonight that means we’re getting ready to dive into an IndieGoGo campaign for a fantastic new film project starring Karen Gillan. The film’s called Not Another Happy Ending, and is set in our hometown of Glasgow, Scotland.

Karen Gillan plays the main character Jane Lockhart, a writer who is stuck on the second novel of her two-book deal. Her publisher (Emun Elliot) needs her to finish the novel in order to save the company. He thinks that, after the success of her first novel, she’s just become too darn happy to write. So he sets out to make her miserable.

Trouble is, making her miserable doesn’t seem to make him happy at all – he couldn’t be a little bit in love with her, could he? And just why is Jane so unwilling to complete the deal and sign off anyway?

It’s a fantastic script and cast, and has hot new director John McKay as Director, and Bafta-winning Claire Mundell and Producer. All it needs now is $50,000 of crowdfunded cash to get it over the finish line. Fingers crossed that our campaign will go global.

So, in the words of PMDs everywhere, please help by following the film on Facebook and Twitter!

Not Another Happy Ending poster

Fantastic artwork by the illustrator Karolin Schnoor