5 Steps to a Last Dash Christmas Digital Marketing Campaign

If you’re a independent business you will no doubt be hoping that Santa brings a boost in sales around November and December as people snap up your goodies for their Christmas stockings. If you’re a medium to large enterprise then your marketing team have probably planned around this season to prepare a kick-ass campaign. But what if you’re a lean little startup and have been too busy being, well, busy, to think about Christmas when the sun was still shining? The good news is that it’s not too late to give your product a Christmas marketing boost. Here are our top 5 last minute tips for getting your stuff into your customers stockings.

Cyber Monday by Mike McCune on Flickr

1. Competitions

We love competitions, and they work across pretty much any social media platform. Facebook is making it harder and harder to get your message across to subscribers organically, but the platform is still a giant and well worth persevering with. Running a competition is a great way to generate shares and likes which will help your post get seen. You will need to be offering a decent prize to encourage interaction.

Tip: Use a third party app to run your competition and check the platform’s competition guidelines.

2. Photo, Meme and Video Posts

Text is great, but picture and now especially video lead to more clicks on most platforms. Video now plays within the feed in both Facebook and Instagram. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms for social media marketing and is an excellent way to reach the younger demographic, and Pinterest does the same for specific sectors. Try creating memes by adding sharable quotes over photo, and think about the way your introduce any video content to generate enough interest for the click through.

Tip: Mix photo with video, and remember to add links to your website to convert to sales.

3. Sales, Discounts and Vouchers

Everyone loves a bargain! Don’t wait till the January sales – now’s the time to whip out those two-for-one offers and discount vouchers. Discounts and vouchers are made for social media – they work brilliantly as Facebook ads and also make fab Twitter and Instagram posts and Pinterest pins.

Tip: Make your offer significant and simple. Your customers don’t have time to work out complicated terms and conditions or calculate any percentage discount that doesn’t end in a zero.

4. Rebrand your products as ‘gifts’

You no longer sell clothing/video games/books/DVDs – you now sell gifts. If they fit into an average pirate’s boot, they’re now ‘stocking fillers’. If not, they’re ‘the perfect Christmas gift for (insert target audience: mum/Minecraft fans/fashionistas/Brad Pitt fans etc)’. It’s OK, you can go back to selling whatever it is that you actually sell later.

Tip: Be specific – your time-savvy customers will be searching for gifts for gardeners, GTA-addicts, and work colleagues, rather than generic ‘men’, ‘women’ or ‘kids’.

5. Spread Some Cheer

It’s not all about the hard sell. Take time to make a funny digital Christmas card and send it to your customers and contacts lists. Make it personal, fun and non-invasive, and don’t worry if it doesn’t immediately lead to sales – connecting with your community is the goal here. But if leads to sales then all the better.

Tip: Use a third party app to create a quick and easy video, and remember to include a link to your online sale!

Still don’t have time for all this? Give us a bell – we’re offering £50 free social advertising with every last minute Christmas marketing package.