Job Vacancy: Community Co-ordinator at Hot Tap Media

hot tap media logoWant to work for Glasgow’s ‘Best Microbusiness Employer of the Year’, with a 4-day week, creative, fun work environment, and revenue shares? Well here’s your chance – we’re hiring! We’re looking for a recent graduate with a passion for digital media, digital and physical communities, and independent film and TV to join us at Hot Tap Media. If you’d like to work with us to help bring people together and enjoy great content, then this could be the job for you.

About us

Hot Tap Media is a digital production company with a focus on using digital platforms to create offline and online communities, and increase our enjoyment of the world. Our work involves digital marketing and online community management for feature films such as Not Another Happy Ending and Electric Man, and delivery of community-focused digital projects, such as somewhereto_, an online space matching project that helps young people find the spaces they need to do what they love within arts, sports and culture.

You’ll be working 10am-5pm, Monday to Thursday, and based in our office within GMAC in the awesome Trongate 103 building in the city centre.  On a typical day you’ll be brainstorming ideas, running a crowd-funding campaign, writing blogs, filming content, and working with our clients and young people to deliver life-changing youth initiatives. The role is paid at £16,000 per annum, pro rata, for a 26-hour week, plus revenue shares.

Trongate 103

Some travel across Scotland, and occasionally the UK, is required. The role is supported by the Commonwealth Graduate Fund which means that we can only accept applicants who graduated in the last three years and have been unemployed or underemployed for 13 weeks, and who are based in Glasgow. If you’re not sure whether this includes you please check here, or do get in touch to discuss your situation.

Here’s what we’ll need you to do

  • Create and publish content across a range of social media platforms
  • Set up and manage WordPress sites
  • Conceive of, and deliver, innovative viral marketing campaigns and stunts
  • Support on-the-ground community activity, including creating space matches through somewhereto_, and facilitating workshops and events
  • Promote and manage crowd-funding campaigns
  • Use online reporting software to keep accurate records of work, and maintain an up to date database
  • Attend training as required
  • Set up, attend and report on meetings with partners, clients, space-holders and stakeholders as required
  • Be a friendly public face of Hot Tap Media

Please apply if you have…

  • An intuitive understanding of social media, blogging and online networks
  • Content creation skills including video, photo and written content
  • A passion for independent film and television and a deep understanding of the role of community
  • Computer-literacy, able to use simple web-based applications such as Office, Basecamp, Excel, etc.
  • Excellent writing skills, with ability to adapt tone, style and content for different audiences
  • Excellent social skills with a friendly, approachable and professional manner
  • Equally excellent organisational skills
  • A strong interest in models of collaborative consumption and a passion for innovative digital projects
  • A zest for life and the desire to make the world a better place
  • Ability to generate new ideas and think big

Let us know if you have any additional skills too, like experience in creating Facebook or iPhone apps and games, design skills, or other party tricks.

To apply, just drop us a line with your CV or a link to your online portfolio, and an email telling us a little bit more about yourself and why you would be the best person for the job. The deadline is Wednesday 9th July, with interviews held the following week, and a start date of Monday 14th July.