Hot Tap Media Supports International Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Doc Thriller Bodkin Ras

BodkinTITLE Hot Tap is working with an exciting International team spanning the UK, Holland and Belgium to develop a digital audience and funds for the documentary/thriller Bodkin Ras, directed by award-winning director Kaweh Modiri (My Burglar and I), and produced by Revolver Amsterdam.

The story takes place in the small town of Forres on the north east coast of Scotland, as mysterious  fictional fugitive Bodkin Ras arrives in town and tries to fit in with the very real locals. He is accepted, initially, until 18-year-old Lily disappears and the story takes a dark turn…

Shot on location in Forres, Bodkin Ras – a Dutch/Belgian/UK co-production –  blurs lines between documentary and fiction, playing with narrative and genre form to paint a unique picture of a town and its inhabitants. The film was shot over a two month period in the summer of 2013, with a dedicated crew spanning several nations working on the project camping out in Forres for the duration of the shoot. With the film now completely shot, Kaweh and the team now need your help and support in order to complete the film.   Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 00.24.15 In order to cover the costs of finishing the film, Kaweh and the team need to raise £10,000. These costs are crucial to the post production stage of the project, and will go towards the facilities required to edit the film, grade the film in order to achieve a slick, professional quality, and provide a score and soundtrack that does the film justice. These finishing touches could make or break the film and could influence their chances of being accepted into festivals and cinemas.

Contributors can choose from a range of perks on the Bodkin Ras IndieGoGo page, ranging from a postcard from Bodkin himself, to a hotel stay in Forres, and an IMDB credit on the film. Woods-Screenshot   For more details, including details of our new teaser trailer mashup campaign, be sure to check out