Hot Tap Media in the Cinema This Week

If  you look closely this week in your local Cineworld, Odeon or Vue Cinema, you could spot the Hot Tap Media logo. No, we haven’t released our own brand of popcorn (although that’s not a terrible idea actually) – we have a wee visual mention on the poster of Not Another Happy Ending, the charming Karen Gillan-fuelled rom-com set in Glasgow that is all set for Nationwide theatrical release this Friday.

Not Another Happy Ending was the first film that we delivered digital audience development services for. We worked closely with the director and producers from the start, and were there every day on set, keeping the social media profiles buzzing and managing their website content, crowdfunding campaign and generally helping to build up a community of fans. We were so delighted when the film got selected to close the Edinburgh International Film Festival and we got to hang out on the red carpet, and now we’re proud as punch that NAHE is getting a proper cinema release.

not another happy ending film poster


Not Another Happy Ending is in cinemas from Friday 11th October. Check the cinema listings here.

See if you can spot us in the poster. It’s a tiny, tiny logo but it represents a lot of hard work and dedication. Listen out to hear which films we’re working on next – we have a few scripts cooking in the background. And get in touch if you’d like a little Hot Tap magic for your film’s audience.