Hot Tap Head Explosion – Fun at Design in Action Chiasma

Chief Hot Tapper Rebecca took part in an intense 3-day creative ideation session last week courtesy of Design in Action. The ‘Chiasma’ was focused on the topic of ‘Sustaining Rural Scotland‘, and brought together designers, community groups and companies, and academics, to work together to forge new ideas and solutions to issues around rural community sustainability in Scotland.

The Chiasma took place in New Lanark, one of Scotland’s five UNESCO Heritage sites and currently home to the largest tapestry in the world – the recently-completed Preston Pans Tapestry telling a complete¬†history of Scotland by artist Robert Crummy. The intro to the Chiasma included a tour of the site, which is said to be at the roots of the co-operative movement. The ‘Institute for the Development of Character’ was a particularly inspiring addition to the village. There was also an inspiring talk by John Thakara, creator of Doors of Perception.

Participants were immersed in an intensive ideation process, using creative thinking exercises, group work, ideas testing and pitch practice to hone ideas that could potentially be taken forward with Design in Action grants. Rebecca was lucky to end up in a fantastic group of individuals from a range of skillsets and experiences. Working together in a team they developed an innovative concept to support young people, and pushed and tested it to the full before pitching it to a panel of judges. Groups can now apply for grants to bring their ideas to fruition. 

Here at Hot Tap we love creative thinking and brainstorming – you should check out our whiteboard wall! – so the chance to indulge in such an intense development process was a treat. Rebecca’s head had nearly exploded by the end of the Chiasma. But in a good way. Exploded heads are usually a good thing.