From Screen To Page: Not Another Happy Ending Gets a Book Release


Page to screen adaptation isn’t anything knew. We’ve seen countless books adapted in to movies. It’s not so often that it happens the other way round. Which is what makes David Solomons’ debut novel so unusual. Adapted from his screenplay of the film of the same name, Not Another Happy Ending is an offbeat rom-com set in the heart of Glasgow, following the trials and tribulations of young aspiring author Jane Lockhart (played spectacularly by Karen Gillan in the film.)

It’s unusual reading something you’ve already seen on the big screen. You find yourself hearing the actors voicing the characters, life already breathed in to them before you’ve really cracked the spine. It’s an unusual way to go in to a novel, but not necessarily a bad one.  Not Another Happy Ending may not be quite a love letter to Glasgow, but it’s certainly something close – and while seeing the characters in the Merchant city on screen, you get the feeling that is someone who really knows and loves their city from the page.

Hot Tap Media have been delighted to have been part of NAHE’s journey from script to screen and then to page. It’s been a facinating journey (and we’ve been lucky enough to get an award nomination for our work on it.) We’re wishing the very best for Solomons and the rest of the NAHE team.