What will I learn at Freeze Frame?

If you are thinking about taking part in Freeze Frame, take a look at these areas covered by the training. If you think you want to learn these skills, head over to the application page to apply for the course.

Programming a Film

The most important part of a screening is always the film, and you have to chose wisely. Freeze Frame takes you through the selection process, picking when to screen it and how to book a license to show the film.

Booking a Venue

Sometimes the venue is picked because it suits the film, sometimes the film is picked to suit a venue. It’s entirely down to what interesting space you can find. Freeze Frame will take you through the process of selecting and booking the perfect location for your film experience, and will show you how to dress it for your theme, how to make the most of unusual spaces, and what risks to look out for.


It wouldn’t be an experience without some interaction, and Freeze Frame will show you how to get your audience buzzing. We will show you how to coordinate a fun activity to accompany your screening, so the audience gets to take part in the event and maybe leave with an inspiring souvenir.


The relationship between food and cinema is a delightful one and at a Freeze Frame event, the food will be much more exciting than popcorn and coke. Imagine eating Space Invaders whilst watching Star Wars, or tucking into cream pies during Bugsy Malone. Freeze Frame will take you through planning the perfect catering for your event’s theme.


Promoting your film can be fun if when your flyers are paper planes and your tickets are mini broomsticks. Freeze Frame will show you how to market in the most unique ways, creating material that entices audiences and creates excitement before your event.

Participants of Freeze Frame will pull of these skills together to put on their own unique, cinematic events.