Fireworks Film Crowdfunding Campaign Goes Out With A Bang

fireworks on indiegogo

The IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign we ran for Fireworks the film came to an end last month and boy it went out with a bang! Perks were snapped up left, right and centre and our Hot Tap Media elves were kept very busy trying to get all the perks delivered on time for Christmas.

Our limited edition Hew Locke Art Prints, Set Visits and Homemade Fireworks Mugs went down a treat. We even had a hut available so someone could snap up their own perfect hideaway! We know, we know – we’re good. The hideaway will be designed and created by hut builder Euan Gray and will actually be a part of the film set as the home, and firework studio, of the character Gillies, played by Ewen Bremner. Euan Gray’s drawings for the hut were also available as one of the campaign’s perks for those who weren’t quite committed to hut-living yet.

The campaign raised £9,210 for the independent film which created a buzz on the Fireworks Twitter and Facebook profiles. We also ran an open casting alongside the indiegogo campaign in search of a bright, new star to play the role of headstrong teenager Kat. Keep your eyes peeled as the shortlist for this one will be revealed soon!

Crowdfunding is one our key strengths at Hot Tap Media. Last year we ran a successful campaign for Karen Gillan-fuelled indie rom-com Not Another Happy Ending. The film was selected as the closing film of the Edinburgh International Film Festival 2013 and developed a strong following of fans. We are now preparing to launch a campaign for the International co-production Bodkin Ras.

Crowdfunding campaigns are one aspect of the complete Social Screen service we offer. We know that film-makers need an online audience of engaged fans to raise production funds, get people talking, and promote and sell the film. By managing the social network profiles for films we can engage directly with fans to create an ongoing buzz, and ensure that the film reaches the particular niche audience who will love it.

We’re always looking for exciting, new projects to get involved with. E-mail us on: for more information.