Digital Distro Webinar and Event to Kick off CEO Contract

Hot Tap Media is working with Cultural Enterprise Office to deliver a package of digital events to support creative enterprise in Scotland, along with a package of content to support their marketing of the events.

The series kicks off on Tuesday 24th November with a panel discussion focusing on digital distribution. The panel is made up of representatives from the games, film, books and music sectors (with some of them crossing several at once), including Paul Farley from Tag Games, Louis from Hector Bizerk, Ellen Tolsma from SCREENpmd, and Keith Charters from Strident Publishing.

Ellen Tolsma and Paul Farley

Participants of the physical event in Glasgow will have the opportunity to discuss digital distro with the panel, network with other creative practitioners over wine, and enjoy a game of Distro Bingo, with a chance to win digitally-distributed prizes. The event will also be live streamed, and we are hoping that people across Scotland and further afield will join us for the event through the live stream.

We will be delivering two big panel and networking events, as well as three smaller round table discussions and three webinars. Each will be supported by live stream capabilities and a package of content including infographics, video, soundcloud, and visual content.

Seats for Digital Distro are now full but you can still join the live stream by booking your place via Eventbrite.

Listen out for news about our upcoming webinar: Social Media for Reach and Sales. It’s promising to be a cracker.