28th May Social Screen Is Now ‘A Thing’

social screen

We’ve been working in digital audience development, crowdfunding and distribution for film for years now, with a strand of Hot Tap called ‘Social Screen‘. During that time, we’ve come to feel the pain of indie film producers as we help them carve out their profile and grow their audience on social media, Indiegogo, WordPress and distribution platforms. We do our best for our film-making pals, but have found that a key platform that could really help indie film producers doesn’t exist. So we decided to make it ourselves.

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20th Mar Guardian Changing Media Summit – Highlights of Day 2

Jemima Kiss interviews Nathan Blecharczyk

On the first day of the Guardian Changing Media Summit, we heard from collaborative consumption hero Nathan Blecharczyk, founder of AirBnB, whose ethos that he would rather be loved by 100 than liked by 1000 underpins the success of the business. We discovered that native advertising was really just advertorial, and worried, collectively, about how ethical it is. And we discovered the ‘multiplying effect’, which should offer some comfort to TV producers fretting over digital drift in their audiences.

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