5 Things Media Students Need to Know About Multi-platform


Apollo bars would definitely be on David Thomson's multiplatform wish list. Clues to help the audience decipher the story are engraved on the chocolate inside. Image by Colin Rego

The digital salad that film, TV, animation and other ‘media’ students find themselves tossed into after graduation could seem unfathomable. They’ve learned their trade and they just want to get on with it, but now a whole new set of demands – for multi-platform content, a social media element, and a digital consciousness – is being put in their way.

But the ever-changing world of the broadcast industries offers plenty of opportunity. As part of the crowdsourcing experiment that I did to research a talk to a group of students, I asked some movers and shakers for their advice to new graduates. Here are 5 of their best gems of wisdom.

  • Keep your options open and your interests really wide. Multi-skilling is increasingly valued and any career in broadcasting/digital content production will undoubtedly take you in directions you could never begin to predict. Carole Dunlop, TRC
  • Play with things, get your friends involved and try to make some projects which people really enjoy online. There aren’t many people who are good at this.  Antonio Gould, Executive Producer
  • Transmedia  [is] about connecting content via artifacts – for example, a character who’s a writer actually publishes a book (e.g., there would actually be a real book called ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ by Hank Moody from Californication). David Thomson, Denki games designer and screenwriter
  • Don’t feel restricted by not being able to do everything. Find people with different skills to your own and work together.  Me, Rebecca Thompson

If you have any other tips for students, please let me know. Or, if you’re a student and want advice on something in particular, drop me a question in the comments box below.